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Jogja Bootcamp 2008 (part5): Penetration Technique and Internet Marketing Strategy

By  *tresdivine*     10:15 AM     
with Mr.Kadek (www.allbalivillas.com or www.sudarsana.net)

1. what can you market? you need a unique product with good quantity of product knowledge.

2. after you found that product, ask these:

a) is there demand?

check on keyword tools: www.google.com/trends or www.adwords.google.com. sell your product world wide - it is possible to erupt big demands. Choose the 20 highest keywords (according to the average search volume) and don't use more than 20 keywords on your website.

b) who's your competitor?
check the first 10 websites on google, and see the competititon and their page rank (page rank is on the google toolbar, just below the adress bar). make a specific domain for each type of product you sell.

c) wanna do a competitor analysis?
has to be:
i) one easy click on a user-friendly and search-engine-friendly web design: put yourself on the costumer's shoes: make everything easy, information filled, tell them why they should use your service, categorize the web according to user's need. eg: service by rate, service by location, etc,
ii) text-pictures-photos: although Google read only text and links pictures should be in the middle or lower part of the web while the top and lowest part should be text and Google friendly,
iii) cooperate identity: create a "the right company" brand image, well presented, representative logo, website
iv) categorized product presentation,
v) pricing: clear packages, promo, etc.
vi) booking terms, payment method, delivery options
vii) website branding: create the right theme for the web and what costumer segment are you targeting. eg: villas with private swimming pool only, batik dresses only, etc.
viii) check out the SEO aspects; what's their web content, keywords, motto, metta tags
ix) uniqueness is extremely important: exclusive content, unique product, don't copy!

d) how to stay on top and lead on search engine?
research and survey on Google per 3 months for new keywords. but don't exceed 20 keywords on your web. if you use the wrong key word, you'll never get any visitor, ever.
Lead with unique product sales; if you sell the same item, you gotta give the best price.
Lead with quality service; if you still want to give a higher price, then make an exclusive package/added value service (promotions, special treatments on returning clients).

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