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jogja bootcamp and rented laptop

By  *tresdivine*     5:09 PM     
so here's the thing, my dad signed me up to a bootcamp at Jogjakarta, Indonesia for four days. My dad is coming with me and he got his stuff set up for the bootcamp, leaving me with no gadgets to bring. The internet bootcamp compel its "campers" to bring their own laptops. "each should have one" they said in the registration form. i was like 'oh ok, where am i to get a laptop in such a short notice? what am i, donald trump rich? '. my dad came up with a brilliant suggestion; 'let's buy one' and i was almost shocked with thrill i almost fainted. but to make a long story short we didn't buy a laptop for me, because my college (cornish college of the arts) asked their coming student to use a mac book with lots of details on the gigs, ram, intel core duo thingy. it cost about 2,000-ish, so i might have to save up first. Therefore, my dad came up with another brilliant solution; 'lets rent one, 700.000 for 7 days'.
the laptop arrrived yesterday. it was a glossy screen, 17 inch, Compaq laptop. The RAM is pretty much free of use, so the laptop runs three times faster than my dad's. i was a bit happy, until now. The hotel in which we are staying give a free hot spot for all the "campers" and as sweetly as it may sound, the situation i just faced wasn't at the least bit sweet. My Compaq Laptop happens to be a moody sort of gadget. it can't reach the hot spot's signal without me pleading, it can't connect to any browser because the 56kbps internet connection can't get through its system. oh, sad-sad story. i actually don't mind not using the internet for the whole 4 days of the camp, but ironically the camp is called a bootcamp for internet service. That means we're going to do a lot of activities which requires our laptop's wi-fi connection. and my once-thought-brilliant rented laptop, isn't as brilliant as it should be anymore. oh, sad-sad ending.
btw, the "campers" or the "seminar go-ers" (i dont really know what they call "peserta" in english) are mostly college students. i dont mind seeing a cute face. but please, i'd rather have my wi-fi connection on than having another fling for 5 days. one fling is enough. (yes, that guy i talked about last week. he's just a fling. dont mind what i wrote last week. he's just a fling. you hear me? a fling!! - ok, yes, i think they got you clear, jo. stop shouting.)

ANYWAY, a happy news is to be told. and i can't hold the suspense of not telling you guys anymore. so here goes; I GOT 2 SCHOLARSHIPS from CORNISH !!! oh my GOD! one is a gesign scholarship for $650/semester and a Nellie Scholarship for $1500/semester. and i had that two scholarships for one whole year (which means i got $4,300/year helpings!), until i renew it again. oh lord, i was so thankful and i am still thankful now, maybe until forever! :)

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