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life retold, recaptured and repaired

By  *tresdivine*     12:11 AM     
tunggu tanggal mainnya :)

The "Dear Sir," draft will be known by the name of "Life Retold, Recaptured and Repaired". I know, i know that's dang long for a book title. but what the heck. i love the name and the philosophy behind it. Well, as i said before, wait for the day that the draft down there will be binded and sold. Comments are more than freely welcome. please, please comment on the stories i wrote so far so that improvements and improvisation could be added :D sort of a group effort with a single head and a pair of hands writing these stuff down till morning light shines.

"Dear Sir", is my first novel draft that got published in my own blog. again, comments are welcome. i hope money will come through it, fund me to college or something. but for now, enjoy the story and wait in suspense for what's coming up to a life of Abby Clarisse (the girl with two first names) as is written in the Little Red Book of Love and Life.

A little news from yours truly, i actually promised to help my sister with her spelling test. i had to ask her to spell out things for this monday's test. but she had fell asleep as i re-organized my blog. i am learning to use Dream Weaver as soon as i got the software from a Toko Bajakan in Ambasador (semoga ada code-nya, bukan kayak Photoshop CS3 yg gue beli kemaren, nggak ada kodenya! jadi gak bisa pake!! Siake!!! >__< wah, udah lama gue ngga bilang "siake". gue masih inget yg ngajari kata itu adalah mochee. blame it on mochee D;)

Well, i hope my sister will learn her spelling list as she go to school and i hope that i could start re-layout-ing my blog as soon as life could possibly make me :)

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