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live from jogja bootcamp 2008

By  *tresdivine*     8:01 AM     
hannah just text me inviting me to the JIS Fun Fair but unfortunately i am in jogja right now, attending this so-called Jogja Bootcamp 2008. see, we had the seminar in UGM (universitas gajah mada) and the room in which we are getting all sorts of information is filled with men typing away in their personal notebooks. all of them are so apt with their own gadgets. some are opening their friendster, some are possibly trying to hack the system down (yeah, going all Die Hard 4 hacking type). anyway, they are still trying to connect the people down to the internet. so the seminar wont start in like 30 seconds. that means, i got time to write. yay! besides me are some important people that might see me writing this... that's why i'll write down their names later.

i just created a domain. dang... well, there might not be anything in there yet. but please, adore my good works later. adorearts.info (i'll buy one for .com as soon as i became a real designer) here i'm gonna learn about all the internet sort of thang. i hope i'll do ones good by doing this (yeah, you'll do yourself' good, joe)

to be continued

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