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love closes the month of april

By  *tresdivine*     11:16 PM     
Leading back to the posts before, love strikes back, or rather the topic of love strikes back on conversations between stranger. Now, it's not just a middle aged man that asked about my single status. A taxi driver asked that of me as well. crazy, huh? here's my conversation with him.

Set= BlueBird Taxi after a swim at Citos

Joe: "good day, sir"
Mr Tono (yup, that's his name aight): "where to, young lady?"
Joe: "cipete, take that left turn right in front."
Mr Tono: "Sure. What were you doing in Citos?"
Joe: "oh, i swam at the club"
Mr Tono: "Not with your boyfriend?"
Joe: *smiles* "no..."
Mr Tono: "you have a boyfriend right?"
Joe: *thinking that she should lie. she's afraid of being raped just because she's good looking -due to the wet hair and built swimmer boody- and single* "hahaha, yup"
Mr Tono: "aren't your boyfriend asking you where you go? cuz, my niece has a proactive boyfriend and she's never has the time to do what you usually do. go out alone to a mall..."
Joe: "that's the problem with boyfriends... lucky mine aren't that way" *yeah, bcoz of his non existence, even if he does he'll be in Hertfordshire eating ice cream or filming the next harry potter movie *
Mr Tono: "yeah, i've told my niece to broke up with him but she's too in love with him.."
Joe: "hahahaha... poor her. tell her to broke up with him, sir" *before they marry and before she turn into an old hag with no child to keep her company*

that's story number one. story number two was after i watched my sister's music concert. We went to the Pacific Place (that hotel-mall with 6 or 7 stories and a pool in the 4th floor. totally high class and expensive) and had our dinner there. After eating around three dishes with my parents, i soo grew hungry yet again and started busy walking around Urban Kitchen to find another food good enough to have,that's when a man from the New York Sandwich said "hi, babe. you look mighty fine, what do you like to order?" and i mumbled " never see myself as all that. thanks for the compliment. but no, i wont order anything from you, baby..."

what do you think of a hell of 2008? spank my ass and say i'm hot! hahaha

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