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stomach rumblings

By  johanna wattimena     7:23 PM     
Sometimes, i felt i only could increase my height by eating lots of stuff, gaining the normal weight and thus started to grow before it's too late. but my body gets sort of weird, like too much food in the last one hour could get me hungry again, but with the feeling of having some "wind" -ya kayak mau kentut, tapi gak bisa keluar2 gitu- in the digestion system that i thought i should fart some out or poop some before i could "feel" like eating again (padahal gue udah laper). well, this is how my body could un-cooperate themselves.

I just came from Odessa Studio in Darmawangsa, for church band practice. Sometimes, or rather most of the time, i sing for the band do a lil' WL stuff. but i love more to sit behind the keys and play some tunes while singing altos. the spotlight isn't on me, which is just perfect for my down-to-earth persona. oh, really, are you joking, joe? Like, you know all the security guards in Lorentz and Binus. that's not just down to earth, that's all-around. wait am i complimenting myself here? how did i get to this topic anyway? oh, man, i'm rambling. sorry people.

waktu di WC studio, gue pikir, si kantong kresek harus dateng besok karena we're gonna have a lot of fun this sunday. bakal banyak game and makan-makan yang seru. please, God, make my day and get kantong kresek to be there. i know, he's having his final HS exam and all that, but surely, he's not studying 24/7 that he don't have a time to go to church for three weeks.

well, that's my day down to my major thoughts.

i'll love you when i love you,

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