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By  johanna wattimena     12:36 AM     

Well, Lily Allen said that i'm "naive" (The Kooks do-over song) last night. But what she doesn't know is that, true or false it may be, i got hopes and i hold on to it. Remember what i always said or write every time something bad or something heart-quenching is happening, "i believe that God has my best interest at hand" and "i'll just wait and worship him". Abraham did what i wrote for more than 40 years in waiting for his promised son, while i did that for a few month and almost breakdown.
Thank the Lord He heard my prayers about making all this housing, visa, financial statement thing an early birthday present. because a lot had happened this past two weeks. like, A LOT! one; on Monday, my grandfather became my sponsor for my study in the US (and thus enabling the financial statement to be sent and i-20 is at hand), two; on Wednesday the coming week, i advertise myself for a housing in downtown seattle, three; from Thursday till Friday, people kept e-mailing me, referring me to people they know and opening their house for me. Just an hour ago, i found the perfect lady that fit the bill; a real Christian in faith and in act, that's all i need. :)
PS: i know that he knows
that i'm not fond of asking,
true or false it may be,
i'm still out to get him

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