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death of a designer

By  johanna wattimena     11:02 PM    Labels: 
Say goodbye to YSL's powerful strong sense of fashion. His amazing coats (all those whites and blacks for both summer and winter), his elegant dresses, his Le Cigarettes suits for women. Sometimes i forgot that YSL is a man (i tend to refer "him" as a "she") not because she's a trans-gender. oh gosh, no! but because she (see, there i goes. he) could see what every woman needs, what every woman can looked good in. He actually knows what a woman wants! He has fab ideas of how a dress would look, and how it would shines a woman's character out. He and His amazing talent in now history. But his name would never be forgotten, his works would always remain a must-have in all fashion divas out there. Dear Mr YSL, thanks for making fashion a much better place.

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