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lets dance to joy division

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Another band that is on my constant playlist in youtube; The Wombats. These brit lads really know how to do fun, upbeat music. According to a band member, Murph, " The idea of the band wa to be stupid. we were just idiots". Well, i like idiots with great sense of music. Their latest song; Let's Dance To Joy Division, is the best! Their "Kill The Director" is on in Prambors FM, a lovely radio station in Indonesia that played the most fabulous music from both major and indie scene from all around the world.

Anyway, more from my life...
I just got e-mails from my soon to be host mom. her house is 50 minutes away from Cornish, and my dad was like "whhhat..." and i was like "no prob, i can manage that." But dad told me that such a place is so far from college, i could have exhaust myself. He told me to sign up in the Abode organization for a place in Seattle, somewhere near Cornish. Besides, she doesn't have a room for me till august (which doesn't fit my schedule. i wanted to go in July). so, here goes more prayer request :)
Secondly, kantongkresek has left the country. Yeah, i used to day dream that we would meet in a coffee shop somewhere. We'd have a little chat about how things are going, how good the short facial hair looked on him and how lovely his after shave would smell. but hey, enough is enough. i gotta stop my head from wandering around.
Thirdly, i'm going to Seattle, people. i dont know when, how, or with who i am going. but i am going. in july or august. by plane or by teleportation. we're saving up some more money for college tuition, which i dont know how much should i pay at the beginning of the semester.

"Go ask for Joy Division and celebrate the irony
Everything is going wrong but we’re so happy
Let’s dance to Joy Division and raise our glass to the ceiling
That this could all go so wrong but we’re so happy
Yeah we’re so happy" - The Wombats

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