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The Locksley is my newest, most favorite band!
Gosh, they took me on to the dance floor way better than artic monkeys! i've heard them on imeem and on myspace, my faves are; 'dont make me wait', 'she does' and 'why not me'. their lyrics are so funny, cracked me up several times. and their beat is really really fun to dance with; awesome-awesome! The Locksley is a Madison born band (yeah, American! They do sound very brit, though) and then relocated to Brooklyn. They've toured the UK and Japan, and have worked with lots of musicians. One of them is The Hives. Their album is called "dont make me wait". well, you know i dont describe music so much, unless you listen to em too, then we can ramble all the time about it and sing along to those songs i recently love. check them out at www.bandofflocksley.com or www.myspace.com/locksley or hear them out here through imeem.

quick flash news from my life, mr. kantongkresek is moving from indo in days. i was shocked when i heard him say that, but i was laughing in my heart because i felt so stupid thinking that we possibly might have a chance. anyway, there's this farewell card we make in church to give to those who are leaving. i got one too, obviously. and there's this funny message written by some anonymous friend saying; "luv you". i guessed it's probably Mel or some other girls who had filled up my card with things like "u rock", "<3 you" and "see you in Seattle". So I said to Naomi and Jess, "Ooh, i got a secret admirer" and we all laugh at the thought of making similar things on other cards (i was thinking of making one one kantongkresek's. But no, i don't have the guts). But then Naomi said, "its probably real, because it looked like some boyish writing". Cant help but make a guess, can't i?

And, do you know that i can play the drums? and sing (soprano and alto) at the same time without any practice? hey, i'm a natural musician! When the drummer at our church cant make it to the rehersal, i sort of took his place and did a little drumming session. it wasn't as good as the way he usually did it, but i managed to keep the beat (and missing a few as we went along).

" Go on, talk talk, talk. Oh, shut your mouth! A little kiss, kiss, kiss, might help me out. Desperate times call for desperate measures..." - Locksleys.

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