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Patrick "McDreamy" Dempsey

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Patrick Dempsey is the star of my afternoon with Dedep, Dita and Marsha. We went to Senayan City to have a little chat about the old-high school life. we actually wanted a lot of people to come, with all the singapoh students are having their summer break, but most of them cant make it. sad. like, Arsella who went jalan-jalan with her mom, Lilo who cant make it and Anime who wanted to go if Lusi is coming.

Anyway, we spent the afternoon watching (five minutes late) the Made of Honor, patrick dempsey's newest chick flick. The movie is utterly sweet and funny (we laugh a lot!). The sound track of the movie is lovable too! There's Sara Barellies's "Love Song", Henrietta, and a lot more other soundtracks that have made our Binus History. Marsha and I was kind of in reminisence when we heard Henrietta (Ames, we miss you!) and we sing along to the song while watching the movie. lucky us, no one "sshhh" us up, or we'd go "this aint yo' cinema! we can sing the hell we want!" (Mei, we miss you too!)

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