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twilight on december

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Have you heard about it yet? the movie is coming out in December 2008. excited or what? for those who haven't heard of Twilight (and what a poor soul you are!), the book is about a girl (Bella by Kristen Stewart), who falls in love with a vamp (Edward Cullen by Robert Pattison. You know, Cedric Diggory from Harry Potter). Their love journey, vamp adventures and the Cullens Clan history is all beautifully written by Stephenie Meyer in three books (and counting, i hope); Twilinght, New Moon and the latest, Eclipse.

The picture above is the Cullen Clan (the vampires that don't drink human blood). Personally i think Emmet (the one on the right) is the hottest, Alice is lovable (petite, dark hair girl). I'm waiting to see who is the Jacob Black (Bella's werewolf best friend), he's better be hot. that's like the only way to tolerate his arrogance.

The picture below is Edward and Bella. Personally, yet again, i dont like this Edward guy. He's too model-sexy, if you know what i mean. Just not what i imagined him to be, though honestly my imagination of Edward seemed a little blur sometimes (ok, most of the time). but that's only because he's too god-like hot and strong that i dont dare to placed a face in my imagination. im afraid that face might ruin the whole story.

Anyway, if you want to see the teaser trailer from imdb, click here. So, are you excited to watch this, or what? cross your fingers that the movie wont be a disappointment!

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