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By  johanna wattimena     7:17 PM     
i'll be leaving on august after the independence day. i wanted to make the red-and-white salute the last great big event in my "alay" life.
i just arrived from sukabumi. i attend the Kumon Completers Club gathering. yeah, you heard me right, i have completed my kumon just a couple of months back. Now i got a lot of kumon completer friends. they are all very cool, some are hilariously funny. i had lotso great fun and i wish it wouldn't be my last time meeting them.
thridly, i have just begun my 10 day series of driving lessons. i was hysterical at first, pretty happy to find myself driving in jakarta's famous traffic jams areas. of course i have not bumped into any cars, and i dont intend on doing that at all. so far, i've drove to fatmawati, ciputat, cinere, karang tengah, lereng indah, bona indah, PLN and other cinere area. it was fun and a bit rough. you know what i mean, with all the angkot doing their thang and the motor cyclers driving their scooters like they own the road. like, cmon man, gue lagi belajar, lu jangan buat gue spot jantung!

in a few days time i'll be applying for my visa, taking my driving lisence, reserving a place on my first very-long-airplane trip, etc. so, prayers please...

PS: i'm praying for a new youth pastor back in Two Hands High. so if anyone wanted to be the answer of my and my church prayers please contant JICF. we're looking for a youth pastor who is smart, and funny. Cool, but in flame of the Lord. Awesome and creative. One who can bring back the youthful energy to love our Lord back in our church! please contact us at www.jicf.org. so, here goes the amen. AMEN!

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