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getting all mixed up

By  johanna wattimena     10:36 PM     
Senang sekali karena sudah dapat host mom yang benar-benar dicari, dan benar2 disiapkan tuhan. TeeHee! Senang senang! More like "joy" than "happy" in this case, and more like "relieved" than "jumpy" in this case, too. Sama seperti waktu gue dapat scholarship di Cornish. Like, i have asked and i got it. therefore, i rejoice, i thank Him, and i know that once again He showed His power in my life. Isn't God just amazing, ladies? Yes, it took prayers after prayers, and patient passionate waiting too. But the end result will definitely wows you.

Tonight i was depressed too. Because my grandmother has went from bad to worse. she's unable to speak, move normally, open her eyes and respond to her surrounding. i can't see her that way, it really cuts my heart. I went out from her room (she's out of the hospital, fyi. Not because she's getting better, but because there's nothing the hospital could do for her anymore) and watched some serious series of Hannah Montana and Wizard of the Waverly Place in Disney Channel.

Went back home and took 10 laps of night time bike riding with my dad and mom. My dad, by the way, lagi sakit ambeien. yah, gitu lah. gak bisa duduk lama-lama, jalan juga super lelet, makan oatmeal terus... Agak sedih, tapi lebih banyak ketawa-nya. Karena bokap gue bener2 helpless, dan setiap hal kecil yg dia lakukan pasti bikin gue ketawa. Kalo di jalan ada polisi tidur, pasti dia meringis. karena mobil jadi ajluk2an dan pantatnya jadi sakit. Terus, waktu sarapan (gue yang siapin, looh! ~ha, bangga bgt) gue ambil jus appel yang mau bokap gue ambil juga. tapi karena bokap gue jalannya lelet, jadi gue yg ambil duluan. bokap gue bilang, "yah, baru papi mau ambil". terus, kita semua ketawa di meja makan. habis, bokap gue kaya kakek2. jalannya sambil meringis, berusaha mengambil jus apel...

PS: gue ke pesta perkawinan sodara, namanya Lans. gue membuktikan kata2nya 27Dresses, about the face of the groom in the wedding. I see love. My mom cried, i laughed, my sister asked for a camera to take these moments (including my crying mom and the olden dutch pipe organ in the second floor). Tempatnya di Gereja Immanuel di kota sana. Super keren gerejanya!

Thank you, Father. You are my Savior. You, Lord, You are my first and foremost LOVE. I am forever in love with You. And i am seriously, seriously, serious that i love You. Forever grateful, forever amazed, forever awed by every single thing You do. Whether it's nice or not-so-nice, but i know, those stuff would do me good in the end. shape me, like you shaped David since he's a shepherd boy. This is me, use me for your glory alone. I open myself, for you and you alone. Lord, Jesus, My Father, my Best Friend, my Most Amazing King, my Almighty Architect and maker of the music in my soul. I LOVE YOU! You're awesome, Lord. You're the bomb. The coolest, the maker of all things fab. Jesus-Jesus-Jesus, tattooed in my heart. Amen

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