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hold me like you'll never see me again.

By  johanna wattimena     10:56 AM     
I used to say that i'm anxious waiting for all these stuff to come to the real thing, but God taught me to be patient. in all things. i mean, i know he's teaching me to stop yelling at my sister, stop giving her the death stare. yeah, He taught me to be patient to my sister (and my dad too). But he taught me to be patient when things got wrong too, when things just don't go according to plan. I'm not saying that i've gone professional on these patient and holding on things. but i'm taking one step at a time. and God have repeated the same tactics for three seperate occasions, and it's like im not learning anything. i kept crying and begging and told Him that i couldn't go on this way. but hey, he said "leave all your anxiety to Him", he didn't give me a spirit of fear, and his plans are plan of peace and happiness. so, there's no need to worry, everything would go right in the end. he's shaping me, and oh boy am i glad He's doing it.

I'm playing the Mtv on mute right now. You must be confused, "she said she didn't have a TV, now she's watching mtv, where's she at?". i'm at Arya Duta Hotel back in Karawaci. lotso bule, lotso free internet time, lotso tv watching. i'll be back in two hours or so. so, i'm using this time to give you guys a little heads up on my life.

PS: i watched antm like crazy yesterday. it's the re-run on marathon. so basically i'm watching the ones i've missed. and boy i love all the photography stuff happening there!

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