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berharap banyak

By  johanna wattimena     12:25 AM     

"You are young and I was scared
You're wise beyond your years
But I don't care
And I can feel your heartbeat
You know exactly where to take me"
Seventeen Forever-Metro Station

Not my fave music, but its worth the time. like the lyrics, very teenage love affair - first try *wink*, not that i've ever been in such situation. haha ngomong2 tentang teenage love affair, gue takut gak punya cowok! AH! It feels like, "i'm eighteen and never been kissed" is not a very charming introduction to my life.

Anyway, saya sedang berharap banyak. banyak sekali (bukan, bukan soal being kissed, tapi soal housing di seattle nanti) sampai doa saya "god, you know what i need and what's best for me. please, please, please give me the best housing. short commute, internet connected and a wonderful family to stay with, amen." Baru saja saya daftar ke agency housing yang ditunjuk kedua orang tua saya. hoping for the best, is what i always do. and now i need something more than just hoping for the best, i am striving and probably starving for the best-est!

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