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boeing and money

By  johanna wattimena     9:15 AM     
Im broke broke broke! man i got 30 dollars left for the whole two or three weeks to come. Dang, dang, DANG!! why did i bought the word.mac plus extra ipod touch and extra printer! man! i am regretting this... or not. ok, i might not regret this. it's cool. it's just that, i spend too much in one day that i might have to pack my lunch (which is possibly sandwich) till next few weeks! how will i ever survive that! but i know i will, my God will provide these things.

Anyway, we went to Boeing in Everett today! Marlon (my host) drive us (Joe the Indo, Ryan the vietnamese, Andrea the taiwanese and Kyu the korean) in his old 1988 Ford. The tour was $15, it wasn't exciting, but it was educative. no complains for me. just out of money, that's all. marlon said that he could tap me, but i decline that very nice offer because i haven't pay him another part of my monthly housing, how could i take so much more from such niceness?

So, after boeing Andrea, Ryan and i went to WallMart in Renton. They were buying food and i was just hanging out with them. wall mart is such a relieve after i spend 3,000 in the small Apple Store. Wallmart is super big, and the things they sell there are super cheap. so i feel so much better seeing all these low price stuff. i took quite enough pictures. i think i will have them on flicker sometime later. right now im gonna take a quick shower (or dry off my laundry). for photos, click HERE.


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