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Cant help but write again...

By  johanna wattimena     1:25 AM    Labels:, 
about the things i love this week:

1. Birds and chicks (i know you know that i am afraid of chickens, but i adore their shape. not in real life though. ugh! )
2. typography and cut off letters and numbers

3. man made squares

4. The movie "Once". With Irish plus Dublin accented english, the movie ranked just below Amelie (another one of my faves). The movie is filled with songs after songs that breaks my heart. You know the song "i dont know you but i watch you..." yeah, that's one of the song i this movie. I love this award winning movie. Nothing goes according to the usual plot of a romantic comedy, which suits me fine but left this missing block of a " perfect happy ending" feel. but hey, i LOVE the movie. so, watch it. :)

5. Found 2 sites i am subscribing to:
* a scrapbooker's journal. she's the talented loveelsie's designer, whose name is obviously elsie.
* another designer's journal. Grace Bonney, a contributing editor at Domino Mag.

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