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got it!

By  johanna wattimena     11:31 AM     
Got it! Got my visa (in three hours), got my host family confirmed (just now!), got my plane tickets confirmed (to taipei. still waiting for confirmation for a plane to get me to Seattle).

So now, what i gotta do is:
1. shop for bare necessities, becuase im leaving TOMORROW!
2. send an e-mail to my homestay agency about my plane tickets and who should pick me up
3. send the copy of my passport to Syscom (an agency that has helped me with my tickets and questions) along with my visa

This is the beginning of the next chapter of my life. Walau gue ngga punya duit, i know that God will suffice. Just like what he did today. The hope that he has given me will never fail me.

Thank you God! Love love love You!!! He answers all my prayers. He put my feet on solid ground, a firm place to stand. My God is an awesome God. Is yours as awesome as mine? :)

*update: gue udah selesai packing (jam 12:54), sekarang mau e-mail homestay agency gue untuk pejemputan gue di bandara. I'll leave tomorrow at 2.00pm, guys!

lots of love and kisses and hugs <3 Joe

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