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Mr. Eric Hutchinson

By  johanna wattimena     7:18 PM    Labels: 
The thing i love about this guy, is that his voice is AMAZING. and he's really talented. He played piano and guitar, he wrote songs that are soul-y, sweet and sing-along-able (dont mind my vocabs). One of his song that i love is "Ok, it's alright with me", "oh" (got that down there) and "rock and roll". just listen to him and you'll see.
However, what shock me is that... he looks extremely familiar. you wanna know why? He looked like Mr. Peettsburg. Do you know that guy? mr. gue cabut 10 hari lagi, yang dulu gue suka. (ditulis dalam bhs indo supaya klo dia google gue dan menemukan blog ini, dia nggak bakal ngerti any of these things) They both are brunette, tall and skinny, talented with music (Mr.Burg can play the drums, guitar, piano, and sing!) and they are both geeky-funny... MAN! Can you believe how shock i was when i watch this man singing the tunes i love?

this one is for my personal use :) got it over the net.

C - F - G - C for each line:

(C)I got (F)arrested in the (G)dark of the (C) night

And same for the (C) Oh (F) Oh (G) ohohoh (C) Oh

Then the next part:

(Em) I'm never sure (Am) what I'm living for (C) but it's always on my mind (Em) Someone comes along (Am) Always proves me wrong (G) think I'm gonna be fine...
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Actually, the "I'm never sure part" sounds more like:

Am - F - G for both first and second time through.
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Am, Em, G

Just play with or hopefully someone helps more.

Also it's kinda important to know these notes:

G-A-C, that's what he plays inbetween each line. So he plays the last C, then plays G - A - C and starts up again.

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