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By  johanna wattimena     1:49 PM     
Man, i dont wanna say this but i sorta hate to use mac. i just buy it and i find it pretty hard to get use to. i mean, i'm so intune with microsoft that i dont think mac has the ability to surpass microsoft. but anyway, i spent a hell lot of money for the laptop. i can't believe that i spent GOSH more than what i expected. I though i just need a mac book pro and a CS3 application. But na'ah, i need an office.mac too and there's this promo happening and i could get a $440 refund if i buy an ipod touch for $3 and a HP printer for $10. my host was like "hell, yeah!" and we make a decision that i'll pay for these items and the refund will go to my host as if i am paying for my housing through that. i think "that's ok, i guess". Seriously, on the first day of our laptop hunt, i was so tired, i can't concentrate. i know what the seller is saying, but it didn't get to my head. i was like a walking zombie. Two days later, when i get back to the Apple Center in SouthCenter, i was too shocked because of the price that i'm back to my zombie-self.

but you know, i gotta give thanks to the God Almighty that he gave me enough money today. i know there's nothing left on my checking accounts. and there's just at least $60 in my wallet, but i could survive. i think.

THAT's WHY im NERVOUS! now i need to do a ton of other stuff and it's midnight... UGH! i need to scan my passport and my school id for a simple confirmation number from adobe. like, man, i wont do anything illegal now that im in the US of A. So, i am nibbling my min bagel and trying to ask my host to scan me another document. (i feel like typing a smiley icon, but i can't. it would be a misleading icon. i am still nervous. and im this way constantly until i read the bible. so, good thing isn't it?) 

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