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By  johanna wattimena     12:03 PM     

Yay! good news, i got my visa! Thank GOD!
Even when the visa officers knew that i have not pay my SEVIS fee, they still allowed me to go into the office, have a little interview, and had the chance to get my visa! i'll take the visa and my passport and my I-20 on moday, which means i'll leave on monday noon. Now i need to pay my SEVIS fee, however i need to enter my I-20 numbers (which are now in the possesion of the embassy). i have no idea what's my I-20 numbers are. MAN! now that's another praying matter...

So help me lord, what's my i-20 numbers?

*Update: i finally went back to the embassy, get my i-20, photocopy it, get my sevis fee done, returned to the embassy and finally learned that; i can't get my passport back and photocopy it. which means that i wont be able to purchase a flight ticket anytime soon.

but im still hoping to be able to fly to seattle on the 25th. i'll pray for the best of luck!!

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