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By  *tresdivine*     1:35 PM     

i say, i know sometimes i do feel like overly happy and perky. but as soon as i get alone, i feel differently. not so perky, a lot calmer, a hell lot more calculative. believe it or not, i have been busying myself with my homeworks yesterday; till 12pm doing 2 HW and 1-2pm watching bridget jones diary. hey, dont get angry here! it's friggin weekend, i deserve a tv time.

i decided that tomorrow will be another day of work. i will finished 2 other HW of mine. but like a good young girl, i didnt. i went out with my house mates; Andrea, Ryan and Eric. We went to South Center as usual. and i bought 2 body splash (buy 1 get 1 free), one lotion and one fedora hat!! everything for less than 30 bucks! i am so amazed and HAPPY! i finished my mission :D

On the way to South Center i did my sketches for Design Drawing class, and this ghetto spanish guy said that it's some "asian shit". i dont mind, really. "shit" here means "thing". so what i did is an "asian thing" and i did do an asian thing on my sketches. so im glad that he gets it.

Back home we had a little dinner and we went karaoke at home. we drank a little, no one gets drunk, but Eric went down way early (Maui said he's dizzy), Ryan went sleepy (cuz he's sorta drunk) and Andrea, I and my Host Dad was left to do a little more singing. i did most of them, and im glad that i did. i missed karaoke. i did Hello Dolly, Mes!!! hahahahaha :D which reminds me how i missed my high school friends...

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