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blame it on the jazz!

By  johanna wattimena     10:36 AM     
My heart beats differently today. maybe because i had someone on my mind, who's just by accidental reason, placed himself in my head last night. what's weirder is that thinking about him didn't made me happy and fluttery. It made me...silent. and i thought, well this is certainly different. Mr.Big Nose is his name. and i don't wanna talk about him.

As soon as i got home from school, i was tired. i was in a good mood, until i turned the imeem on, and started listening to my jazz playlist. and all of the sudden, i got the blues! and i started to realize that it's either my head or my heart that's messing with me. my eyes started swelling for no reason, and i started feeling down!
i did not feel like im missing my home, or i missed somebody back home. i feel ok. Only, this heart is beating weirdly for no reason that i know of! And you know what, i always think that when my heart is doing this... then somebody is thinking about me. and that somebody has been thinking about me so hard, so sadly, so full of thoughts. i just... just hate this feeling, you know. like i'm too tired to be as energetic as i usually am.

it might be my family, or someone else. but uh... Hhhh... i... i really dont know... this is so weird.

ps: i got homeworks to be done and it's friday... im taking things earlier here. bayangin, gue selalu bangun jam 7, which never happens in Indo!

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