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i cannot believe

By  johanna wattimena     1:45 PM    Labels: 

i can't believe that i am staying up all night just to watch 2 movies when i should have been doing my essays. dang! great time management, johanna. now you got 3 essays to finish over the weekend and studies and sketches due the day after monday (tuesday). right, i am devastated. i dont wanna miss church again, and i certainly have to go to wallmart tomorrow (to buy some chocolates and a pair of undies). so please, please, do your work right tomorrow. at least do them on the bus. please johanna, just gimme a nice weekend to enjoy. it's better if you finished them tomorrow so that we can "half-chill" on sunday. but im glad that we did the two other assignments last week. which means we dont have to do as much.

anyway, enough of me talking to myself. i just watched; Love and Other Disaster which is absolutely fabulous! it's funny and i can't stop laughing. it's about a girl who works in vogue london and she's totally clueless that a foreign guy likes her. she's under the illusion that he is gay. and she tried to set him up with her bestfriend/roommate who is also gay. things got complicated after that, and so you are recommended to watch it yourself on watch-movies.net (for free!). Oh, and i watched Head Over Heels which was my elementary-junior high fave flick. total chick flick but it's funny. i used to think that Freddie Prince Jr. was hot, but now... uhhh. not anymore. why? coz i have a classmate that looks like him. ill fill jadinya. hahahahhaha.

that's about it for now. the lady gotta take her rest and do her work tomorrow. dont' let me down, johanna! JUST DO YOUR WORK before you regret not getting that above 3.5 gpa you're aiming.

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