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i want a boy

By  johanna wattimena     5:56 AM     

saya harap hujan mau berkooperasi dengan saya.
jangan hujan sampai payungnya nyampe dari amazon.com.
please, please, please i do not want to be drenched in water all the way from home to school and from school back to my place.

today, my parents called. finally! i missed them. so im glad that their voice was the first thing i hear in the morning. later this afternoon, Andrea will move out. which means; i'll be the only girl in this place and i'll get to take her room. am i happy? no, i want her to stay, really. it's gonna be real different with her not around. i mean, who am i gonna take for shopping?! i know i could take Ryan, but he's a guy. uuhh :(

i'll keep this post simple. coz i've written yesterday. did i? i did right? yeah, yesterday was karaoke night. which is FUN!!! i went all crazy even before i started drinking. well, you know me... always the perky girl around music. i did a ton of jazz song (i miss Kak Hari!!) and i sang some Vertical Horizon, Deep Purple, The Cardigans, The Carpenters (zombie!!), Johnny B Goode, Ghostbusters... and some other super jumpy ones.

anyway, i'm gonna leave y'all. i have a laundry to finish. LATER!

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