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the jonas' promise ring?

By  johanna wattimena     1:08 PM    Labels: 

i was watching VMA and the brit guy was talking about Jonas' Brothers' Promise Ring. I was like "what promise ring?" and i searched on the internet and i realized what a great band they are. i was laughing, and i;m still laughing now. Not that i ridicule them, but i just can't believe it. they are BOYS! and boys don't usually do this stuff. this promise ring thing is wicked brave. i didn't mean to contradict myself (i used to think that the brothers are the they'll-be-gone-in-a-couple-of-years band), i still think their songs are too pop-y, but i am glad that they took such a bold move and literally tells the world what they believe in and what they wanna be. and i am GLAD that my little sister is being a fan of a great band that people should look up to. sad that they didn't win against Britney on the best video awards. But still, i'm glad that they are a band that show these teenagers that you gotta keep that purity in you. God loves you, kids. don't disgrace yourself by doing all those crazy stuff with drugs, alcohol and sex. honor your body and people will honor you. you'll have great sex in marriage (promise! just keep praying. i'm praying for that...) hhahahahahah. WTF? ok, i shouldn't curse. sorry... :P

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