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here's my list of movies to watch for months to come. i only put the ones that people aren't really excited about. because the ones who are super-rated have enough publicity (you know, like Eagle Eye, Rodanthe, American Carol and the other ones).
1. Bed Time Story - Disney. It's another one of Adam Sandler's funny movie. it's about how bed time stories came to life the next day. it's gonna be super, i can tell! see the trailer here.
2. Ink Heart - Warner Bros. About how a book came to life when it's being read by mr.the mummy returns (whose name escapes me). interesting, if you're into Narnia and all that kind of fantasy stories. see the trailer here.
3. Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist. well, it's not like i fell in love with the trailer. but i think this movie is going to be cute. i guess.
4. Flash of Genius. this is a heartfelt story of a man fighting against a big car company, ford, who stole his invention; the windshield wiper. see trailer here. btw, i love the song they played in the trailer. (watched it yesterday. it was great. a bit depressing, but nothing brings me to tears. the movie is a four star!)
5. Ghost Town. i really like the lead actor. he played in Nights at the Museum and i love his character!

ps: watched Eagle Eye just a moment ago. it was awesome. and i watched Miracle @ St.Anna, which was great! i was cursing from beginning to end. i feel the black army's anger on the fucking white racist pigs back in the world war 2. pardon my french.

pps; i REALLY really REALLY want to watch Spring Awakening. more than The Weezer's concert, or The Kook's concert. call me daft, but i want to watch this musical that creates my fave song in high school; "the bitch of living". i LOVE love love that song. so i've GOTta watch this musical. CAN SOMEBODY COME WITH MOI?

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