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By  johanna wattimena     7:03 AM     
So far my life has been a total ride. Yesterday, ada Nigga yang overheard my conversation (the viet, not my classmate) with Ryan. here's the story...

Ryan: So, what's that book there?
Joe: Oh, it's my drawing book. i just bought it at Pike Street yesterday.
Ryan: how much does it cost?
Joe: (contemplating...) Ummm... (i know it'll be unwise to say the price right here in the bus stop. but, oh well...) ten bucks.
Ryan: shiiittt...
Joe: i know, i was like "im not paying 10 bucks for that thing!"
The Nigga: (all of the sudden) what do you got in there?
Joe: what?
The Nigga: what's in there?
Joe: oh, nothing. it's blank. (joe showed him the blank book)
The Nigga: (to ryan) did you pay 10 bucks for a blank drawing book? (he's definitely getting the wrong signal)
Ryan and Joe: No, no...
The Nigga: Damn, 10 bucks for a f***ing drawing book. (over and over again)

i was scared. sekarang gue selalu berdoa setiap kali di bus stop. gw takut ketemu mr.nigga lagi.

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