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report from my first official day of school

By  johanna wattimena     8:23 AM     
it was... a relieve.
of course, nothing so very ordinary happen to this girl. She (i mean, I) thought that it was monday. and my monday class began at 1pm. so i was lounging around, and all of the sudden it came to me like a smack. i was yelling " IT'S F***ING TUESDAY!!!". but of course nothing i could do but wait till it's time for the second class (minus 1.30 hours), and then i left...
The second class of the day was cool. there was just 8 of us (Amanda, Tate, Nancy, the hat chick (aby), Jillian, Me, Rachel, Ryan and... the blonde-sunglasses chick). the teacher was Mrs Hull, it was nice. she came from south africa, and she's very good in drawing (which is why she's a teacher). i hope i'll be able to get a B at least in my classes.
Selesai Kelas, gue pergi ke Utrecht Art Shop di Pike Street buat beli barang2 untuk drawing class. it took me around $37... and i met Taylor there. He helped me picked the right stuff. He's an interior design kid. not to mention, lumayan mukanya... hihi. anyway, sekarang badan gw SUPER PEGEL. my shoulders felt like dropping down. The walk from the art shop to the bus stop is 40% hard. But the walk from the bus stop to my place was KILLING ME!!!!!!!!! i dont think i want to go over the same thing tomorrow. so, i'll bring the art supplies one by one to my locker and leave it there till its time.


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