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By  *tresdivine*     2:09 PM     
Today i worked on my homework till 11.30pm-ish. i watched TV all morning and got inspired by Project Runway and Top Design. We had dinner at Pho Hoa (which according to ryan is supposed to be read as "fa hoa"). I've finished my Digitl Drawing and Digital Darkroom home works (not so bad. one's vector at AI and the other one is a bad ass photo manipulation). 

I think i'm going to be sick. i'm having the meler and sakit tengorokan symtoms (what's the correct spelling?). gue udah coba minum OBH tapi rasanya kok jadi keras sekali disini. dingin di tenggorokan luar biasa, sampai2 takut over dosis. terus gue minum redoxon. rasanya juga jd sangat keras. sodanya jd banyak bgt. akhirnya gw gak minum obat dan cuma minum air putih terus. sekarang gue mengalami jenis batuk yg sering gw dapet di binus. batuk yg cuma bisa berhenti kalau gue langsung minum air. which means, gw bakal banyak pipis. 

Yesterday, we went to Bellevue Square. i was in love with that mall. it feels like i'm at Senci or at... um... Pacific Place in Jakarta. i just love going to the malls. not because i get to spend some money (apparently, i didn't spend any), but i'm loving the metropolitan life. im actually hanging out! hahaha :)

Tomorrow, i'll be going to church and to South Center to meet my bro! oh, i am excited!


ps: mr.bignose kirim message di FB. setelah gw bales, dia gak bales. males bgt... padahal semua temen2 gue udah gw kirim lagu OKGO yg gue super suka; "you're so damn hot". it's not directed to anyone, really. anyway, i'm a total OkGo fan now! i think i'm gonna do a little review.

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