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By  johanna wattimena     11:27 AM     
I met my brother at south center. At first it was just another hang out time, you know like the good ol' times. We had lunch at Sushi Land and went to my place. He met my house mates and my host fam.

I noticed that he had grew so much. Well, he's not taller (or at least our height is still in the same comparison - like i grew just as much as he did). His hair grew much-much longer. His sense of style too. He talked like an american now, which is an improvement. He had learned a great deal of responsibility and i am proud of him.

At the end of the day, we took pictures, we talked a lot. He showed me things that he liked at you tube just like we used to do. I showed him my fave band too. By the time he went home, i still think that it was just like we used to be. Like, we're gonna meet again by tomorrow morning and we'll be talking about anything random. But then as he went away, marlon said "6 months of not meeting and all you got is 30 minutes bonding time?". It hit my like a wave.

It was our first meeting after six months not talking face to face. I really did miss him. He's really apart of me. My little brother. I am so grateful that after all that he has gone through, after all his secrets and his lies. His shame and pain. He had made it through as a changed man. He's my litte brother and not to be cliche; he has grown and be a man. I am thankful and am glad that we finally meet.

Jo, i love you.
I am proud of you.
(i cried when i wrote this, you know)

ps: i cant connect my camera to my mac! like, DANG, i wanted to put these pictures!! UGH!

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