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By  johanna wattimena     12:29 PM     
So i've moved outta basement and claim Andy's place as mine. Andy (Andrea actually, but i call her Andy) is the girl in that picture above, along with Ryan. Gosh, i really miss Andy. She's a great shopping partner, she's so fun to be with... i missed her. :(

This room is much-much smaller than my basement room. it is much much hotter too. i mean, i actually wear a sleeveless tee and still feel hot! i got all of my stuff outta my luggage. As you can see the picture down there; i got all my stuff in my bed. i dont kno where to put them bcoz this place is extra small. but hey, im cool with that. no problemo. you know why? here's a few reasons why i gladly move up...

1. I get another monitor; a 17 inch-ish flat screen hp monitor. working side by side with my FabMac.
2. I get an additional keyboard that actually works with my mac. double fab!
3. I can transfer my pictures from my cannon camera. coz there's an extra card reader and an external USB plugs. Triple Fab!
4. I am so much closer to the bathroom, it's plactically 3 steps away.
5. this room is so warm, i dont need my jacket (or socks everyday)! which means no ore stinky feet and stinky armpits!
6. though the space is so much smaller, i am so much happier here. i do get a much smaller TV, but i ahve a sound system that could be plugged to my FabMac. and i have a bigger fridge, a dvd player and a vcr player.

basically, i am stoked! so, here's me... and my new room. am i enjoying my stay? YES!!! i love the Fernandez. Marlon was like; "you can't be that lucky" and i replied "God Loves Me. That's why." A little testimony to worship my God. Right?

Thank You, Jesus. i thank thee for all your greatness.
you have me amazed. forever im giving up my life to worship you.
trully my heart belongs to you.

for more pictures; click "here"

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