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di kamar ade gue

By  johanna wattimena     2:33 PM     
this i found out:
1. my brother's housemate, the jp guy, is cute. though he's not my type.

2. i love my brother (for all the jokes, the music craze we share, the movies, the everything)

3. i love my mac (for Garage Band. i could actually play piano without owning one! of course the piano's a badass, but still... anything is better than nothing)

4. i finished two of my mini assignment (at the mall and at jo's place), he waited for me so we could watch Juno... but he fell asleep on the bed where im supposed to sleep at. but anyway, i still love him. he's the sweetest guy ever! he prepared my midnight snack, he gave me a hell lot of jokes and we make music! fantastic night :)

5. my brother just taught me how to play piano for this song... since i haven't got a hold of Garage Band's piano, i'll do it on his unplugged V-shapped Electric Guitar which is pretty kick-ass for an un-wired electric.

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