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easy comes love

By  johanna wattimena     2:28 PM     

In one day, two hearts were broken. well, make it four. since there were two couples. both were long distance relationships, both were close friends of mine, both guys were the breaker and both girls are close to my heart. isn't this too much of a drama? they were both such a companion that i thought they wouldn't seperate. however, it all came to this; the word "love" was easily used. let me elaborate.

In our society, asians or even europeans, we use the word "love", "cinta", "amour", "liebe", "爱", ever so easily. put it this way, a guy met a girl, the girl was playing hard to get, and the guy enjoyed the chase until he grew tired of it, and he wanted this girl more than anything. He was so into this girl. he asked her out and said "aku cinta kamu" or "i love you" just to get her to kiss him. well, bad example i know, but the whole asian soap operas could tell you what i meant. it's almost as if there are no word that could describe "love" like the asians describe "love". The term was so easily used, that the essence of the word itself wasn't as substancial as it was before.

The americans somehow has a better grasp of the word "love". they dont use it as much and they use it with precaution. the word itself is so hard to pronounce that most guys would flinch when they found out that they have to use the word at one point in their life (at least). even my pastor told me that when he porposed to his wife, he was all "I L-l-llo-lov-vv-ee-love you...". Let me give a better, more popular example. Zack Efron laughed off Ryan Seacrest' question when Ryan asked about him and vanessa being in love. "love" is a serious word out here. but is "love" a profound word of importance in asian society, or in indonesia particullarly?

Not to throw y'all indonesian lovers under the bus, but that's reality. Somehow, there are no words to paint how we feel towards someone other than "love". Yes, we sometimes use the word "like" and "care", but "love" came so easily to us that we would use it after 2 or 3 dates. Therefore, "love" became one of those words that is almost at the same level with "like" and "care". The word became interchangeable with the other two. that's how much we have lost the meaning of "love".

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