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oh what's this?

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Have i ever told you about my love for watercolor? the image above is water color. i love how the colors are the translucent, low opacity colors. they have transparency over each other and that made the work very captivating.

Below is cubes and types! which i love... both has something to do with my project @ design fundamentals. i fell in love with the colors and i love the layout of these pictures.

another look into type in Branding

This is what's my interior design head pictured when i was in junior high:
a two floor apartment, tall windows, high ceiling - that looked like the room below. exactly like the room below. the only difference is that i have my bed right in that space where the man is and that door will lead me to the bathroom and closet. the lower image of the bed, is a fabulously cute bed. design wise it is very interesting, though i would not use it for myself.

my apartment will have naive decorations. like;

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