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totally gay

By  johanna wattimena     1:29 PM    Labels: 

first of all, i would like to apologize for the topic that i am going to write here. this is strictly not for those who would tell my parent, or for those who's against the gay movement.

i just watch another gay movie. yes, i know, it's not johanna's typical flick. but it's a little guilty pleasure of mine. i found a gay kissing scene very fascinating. anyway, the movie is Touch of Pink. Gay rate: totally gay. well, Love and Other Disaster is totally gay as well. however, the leading actors aren't them. but the girl who's into this guy who she thought was gay. i like the latter better than Touch of Pink. but Touch of Pink has these little gay things that i found amusing; old movies, jazz music, imaginary friend and gay kisses.

now i really wish no one will read this particular blog. but, hey, i can be weird right? i mean, there's enough gays out there in Cornish. So i should get used to the gayness of my art school through these stuff. though i am not planning of making this a habit (and boy, i wont dare) i really like watching straight movies better.

well, i dont have anything more to say. except that i watched Juno and WarDance today as well. Oh, there goes my friday night. i'm gonna hit the bed, and do my work tomorrow.

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