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i was a bitch

By  *tresdivine*     11:32 AM     

being not boring by tresdivine

mind you, im being retrospective. we're going back to elementary school. i'll take this post as an apology too. cause i really felt bad about what i did years ago, when i thought i was "innocent". it seems that i was innocently acting like an airhead.

so, it was grade 6 Supercamp. and it was time for the performance night. and my group was decing what to do. no one speak up, so i said i would sing a song. and none of them knows the song. so i told them to clap their hands along. then somebody said that we should sing sinchan's soundtrack. and though i dont know the whole lyrics, i aggreed to it ( i guess, i hope i did. if i didn't i'd be a flippin bitch). so we decided that i'd sing first, then we would sing the sinchan theme song. well, this is what pisses me off. My group really give me the flippin spotlight and let me sing while them doing the clapping (what a total dickface was i). some people from other groups actually think that i made up the song, when it was actually a song i learned from some old book. the song was "awan" and it was a nursery rhyme. anyway, the next thing i remember was Stanley eating a match stick. it was the highlight of the whole show. i didn't know if we really sing the sinchan theme song. Please, please tell me the 6Bs did. if we didn't i'd be worse than a bacteria.

so, the point is. im really sorry, my elementary school friends; ferna, rossy. whoever else is out there. i was an airhead and i am glad i had a point where all of you guys isolates me from the social circle. that was what i need. i think that was in 5th grade. but nevertheless, i was never that arrogant after elementary school, i guess. i guess you could blame it on the hormones (yeah, the hormones that started doing their job when i was in 2nd year of junior high).

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