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read this while listening to Yann Tiersen - Summer 89.

seeing this picture,
my mind starts shooting ideas
like little explosives in my nerves
then and there, i'll start filming another movie 
another movie that the world won't see
- hyde marge -

I have always been in love with music. 
But the way i enjoy music, isn't the same with other people. 
i would always make a movie out of a song. Rarely a music video, more of a soundtrack of a movie or even a dance number shot like a movie and combined with imaginative movie scenes, and therefore make another kind of story. yes, i would make a story line. but unlike writers who have their writing blocks, i would go and imagine. Flicker images, movements and sets. I would play on impulses and never re-done any scenes that i have put in my head. I like to do these on composed soundtrack symphony like those of Yann Tiersen, Danny Elfman, and more. I became so attuned to the connection of rhythm and movement that sometimes i wonder if i could make this a living. 

When i became the technical director of Narnia -the binusian play- i was extremely happy being surrounded by soundtracks from great ranges of music. i spent most of my nights reviewing the script, listening to countless soundtracks and hacking parts and made the fit to the Narnia scene. For instance, i took the Brother Bear soundtrack and combined it with some other movie's soundtrack to make the Narnia chant for the play. then i would imagine the lights and the way they all will play on each dancer's faces. next thing i know, i would make the dance itself and require the dancers to show the exact kind of facial expression i need - just to fit the song and the lighting.

No other projects have made me feel so happy. not even designing could make me feel that accomplished. that's why i wonder if... without actually composing these music (cause i know i might not be so good at it) i could still work and placed music in movies. if i could, that would be amazing. i would be a total workaholic.

now, im studying design. another part of my artistic calling. maybe i could somehow, made it to my dream job through visual communication. maybe. maybe i wish. yeah, i wish...

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