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punk and neo-soul

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i like music that could affect one's emotion. music that could cool you down when your heart is pounding, or the music that could help you focus on a boring home work when you're on an adrenalin rush. well, these two musicians are on my top list this month. however, most of those music has one similarity (despite the different gendres). They all have crazyly, hard to imitate chords. The ones with unpredicatble escalations and everything. Both of these two artists have that.

Pink Spiders
is an American indie alternative rock band.The band consists of Matt Friction the lead guitarist and vocalist, Jon Decious on bass guitar, and Bob Ferrari on drums. I love their choice of melody and chords. their music is the head-banging, all crazy, late night-crack-party song (not that i do any of those - never been to one and never wanted to join the "fun"). Tracks to listen to: Modern Swinger and Trust No One. I am planning to buy their album on itunes. until then, these tracks are my fave.

Justin Nozuka
Yeah, you probably have heard of him. The japanese-american born, canadian raised 20 year old singer. His songs are all wonderfully written, melody wise the tunes are lovable and every sigle time i hear "After Tonight" i just felt snugglishly warm. "Golden Train" and "Sorry" are another one of my faves. While his song "save" is one of the most heart breaking song i've ever heard. His voice is amazing and very soulful. Go and watch his live performances on youtube and you'll be surprised of how much talent this young man has.

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