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By  johanna wattimena     7:01 PM     
I've been tagged by: Filza
To do: answer the questions, google the image of your answer. write your answer and place put the first image you found on google. then, tag 5 people! here goes... fun!!

Oh, and im tagging: Rossy, Almira, Ferna, Giorby and Ames! (and Marsha for extra credit !!)

1. age of your next birthday: 19
2. place you wanna be: italy
3. favorite place: any place where i can sleep this comfy
4. favorite food: anything cheeezzzyyyy
5. favorite pet: terrier (dont intend to get a dog though)
6. favorite color combination: (cool and warm together!)
7. fave piece of clothing: coats!
8. fave all time song: really, a great music listener should always be open to new things.
9. fave all time tv show: pushing daisies!
10. first name of your significant other/crush: "beyond the sea"
11. the town in which you live in: seattle
12. first job: teacher (um, kumon assistant)
13. dream job: trailer maker and movie main title sequence maker
14. a bad habbit: laziness
15. worst fear: i searched "chicken" and i can't stand the look of the first picture. it was the MOST disgusting looking rooster in the world. i frantically closed my eyes and my monitor. then after overcaming my fear, i searched "chicken love" and this is what i got. HA!
16. the one thing you'd like to do before you die: travel the world - and, yes, kiss my future husband
17. the first thing you'll buy if you have $ 1,000,000: this is what i got for "education". pinky swear!

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