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twillight hotness

By  johanna wattimena     5:10 AM    Labels: 
im a bit late on this, so, sorry.

but a little update from the twilight movie that's coming up this month... i gotta tell you about the cast' off screen hotness. From all the little movie clips i found in youtube, i managed to conclude that Robert Pattison is hotter in real life than when acting as Edward Cullen. You know that i have this little thing with facial hair (short goatee preferabbly), well this shot from instyle magazine blow me off my chair. major pattison hotness!

and what's more, the shot includes one of my fave design form - bird house!

Next shot that i was in love with was the one they took with Emmet -i pointed out in my first twilight post that this guy is the one to look forward to and i was right!

his name is Kellan Lutz (even his name sounds hot). i was contemplating when i wanted to post a picture of him. there's this one extra-extra hot picture i found. but i think it might be too scandalous for my blog... so, i posted this one, which is smokin hot too. look at those blazing eyes.

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