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the bussiest ever?

By  *tresdivine*     3:23 PM     
oh dear, i've gone work-crazed. i woke up with a series of to do lists. i know exactly what i will do for the day, i planned the exact time of when to do them and i do them according to plan. there goes my Hyde Marge in action. Hyde is always the girl who planned things and planned them good. Johanna is the girl who take the little time offs and create enough comfort zones for her to be in (even in tough times). In days like these, Hyde seems to be working off her tight ass for me. She wrote dozens of to do lists (on pieces of paper, on her ipod, on her cell phone, on her laptop) and she actually made me do 70% of them. i could say that i actually am proud of myself.

but, sadly... Khong told me an asian drama series to watch and i couldn't stop watching it on youtube. I might be real slow on this, cause i haven't watch these kind of things since Endless Love (in Elementary School) and since Ocha bragged about Coffee Prince (and we had a marathon over the last christmas break). this one is SO funny. it is way exaggerated - but that where the funniness comes from. The name of the series is; Miss No Good. and i watched it on youtube legally free!

anyway, gue baru baca blognya rama. gue mupeng abis dia bisa jalan2 ke mol. gue kagak. rumah gue jauh bgt dari mall, dan tugas gue berjubel2. padahal rasanya gue pengen banget bisa hang out bareng ames, meiling, marsha, dita, dedep, lilo, tini, mira, melissa, lysa, dst. gila, gue pengen banget bisa hang out dan teriak2 di mall, nyanyi2 dan nonton film sambil ngomongin cowo. kangen banget deh, bisa se care-free itu. and i though High School was crazy bussy. but compared to college, i think it's nothing much.

unbelievably, mentang2 sekarang lagi weekend gue asik2 nonton Miss No Good sampe berapa episode. Delluding myself that there won't be any projects due on Monday. EEK! wrong! Illustrator monetary system is due on monday. and so is my portrait. tuesday will be the last day for my pattern studies in design fundamentals. then on wednesday i'll be having my H&S creative presentation (which i STILL dont know what to do - weird huh? in high school i've always been so quick witted with all these stuff. i usually just BS them and actually got them good).

awh, i am SO done for. (THEN STOP WATCHING THE SERIES, you miss no good!)

ps: i am trying to stop cursing. and i will.

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