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early christmas gift

By  *tresdivine*     8:02 AM     

for myself! a Jasmine guitar by Takamine. i dreamed that amazon will send me a cheap guitar, like those thin wood, glossy after spray that sticks to your fingers. so i prayed a lot to god that he would give me a guitar that rise above my expectations. and He did. the guitar was beautifully light, dove finish wood, no stubs any where, the neck wasn't as high as i thought it would be (which is great) and though it'll took sometime for the guitar to take its standard tuning, i'm already loving the way Taka (his name from now own) sounds like. the strings aren't nylon (which i love) and the standard shape of the guitar is just gorgeous.

i felt like a little kid, opening that giant box in the dining room. my host auntie was looking at me like im weird. but she's happy that im extatic. she's a darling.

so, thank you Lord. i love You!

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