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gran torino

By  *tresdivine*     4:56 AM     
Yah, gue baru nonton gran torino di internet. i know, i know, you can scold me. but i've been stuck at home for weeks and one thing i could do is to surf the net and watch some oscar worthy movies. Gran Torino was amazing. It's about a man, a north-korean war veteran who is living in a solitude. He's not a very corteous man, but he helped a young Hmong boy to grow and become a young man. However, that help includes some game with a Hmong gang that this boy, Tao, was once initiated by. A couple of things that i like here is the use of bad language, the rough-tough look of clint eastwood and the great amount of asian casted for this movie.

Next stop, another Eastwood movie - The Changeling and then, The Curious Case of Benjamin Burton.

Btw, yesterday after church we ate at Chaiyo; this amazing thai restaurant. I love every dish i've ever eaten there. Some to check out; Pla Prik King (fried trout in sweet-spicy chili sauce), Tasty Beef (beef dipped in sweet, savoury sauce), all the kinds of Fried Rice, Rice with Basil Beef and Egg (simly daging giling orak-arik pake kacang polong dan telor ceplok - delicious). So, yesterday for the second time in Seattle i ate like a pig. A Lot. and I am happily stating that i had to take off my long johns that i wore under my jeans, just to create a lot more space for the food to went down my stomach.

After dinner, we (me, dania, shiera) went to Chi Ming Lie's place and bake some apple crisp with his wife - Stefani (wife made them sound so much older) and as it being baked, we watched their wedding video which just arrived and we (plus Kitty - he's a guy) watched Get Smart. Awesomely funny movie.

Went home at 1am and went straight to bed after a little 5 line chat with Dita.

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