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guys - the tagging game

By  *tresdivine*     6:11 AM     

tagged by Nandya.
tagging- ferna, filza, rama, giorby.

"Okay, so some people might have whined, protested on why are you still single or not satisfied with your partner. so now i dare y'all to explain what type of ideal partner do you want. It does not have to be serious, it might also for the purpose of reflection! dont be ashamed, and be honest okay! good luck ;p"

Nands, why are you doing this to me? (=__=")
No matter, i would still do this out of pure integrity. lol.

Good looks are never a sense of measurement to me. I could easily fall for the most random person in the world. Somehow, though attractiveness does highlight a guy in my book, but after a day or two of getting to know him, he'll be the same as the other guys i know. As long as he smells good and he's confident about himself, i'm cool with that. (oh, and i have a thing for goatee. weird, but it's the truth.)
So, let's skip the "looks" section and move on to the standard level of my tuning. as easy as one, two, three, my guy has to love Jesus and live a life of praise and grace, he don't smoke and he played music.
Next, the character. He has to be up-to-date, knowledgeable and self-smart. He's not afraid of trying out new things, and he can make funny conversations on spot (because i can't - not without 30 minutes of hyperventilating). He gotta know how to play and have fun without forgetting his beliefs. I want someone i can depend on and at the same time i could go crazy with.
now for more of the complicated ones. He should enjoy being with me (me and my slapstick jokes, my constant energy swings, my loudness, and my musical needs) and i should enjoy his company. We'll make a great team, and we'll have a blast living together for the rest of our lives - physically and emotionally. *wink*

whoever this guy is, know that i'm praying for you. and believe me, it's really hard to come out clean and say that i've been praying for you since... since i dont know when.

oh, dan gue mau yang anget, habis gue ke dinginan melulu. ha5

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