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i missed my blog's birthday!

By  *tresdivine*     3:04 PM     

by 3 months! it's not a big deal. but looking back at those posts in 2005, i really feel like i am a totally different person. masi sama sih lebay-nya, atau gokilnya. mungkin lebih cantik sedikit (bwakakakkakak), but the way i write is a lot different. gue kalo baca post pertama gue, men, gue malu! Apalagi kalo gue baca post dari 2003 pas jaman 2-4 di dajox.blogpsot.com, yg setelah bbrp kali nge-blog di joeisdying, gue shut down. masih inget kah? i dont know what i sounded like before. maybe a total air head. btw, ada ttg dajox di blognya arsella. tuaaa bgtttt!

gue gak serius blogging dulu. mungkin krn temen2 gw jg gak ada yg eksis blogging. jadi gue males. but now, i know that wordpress is the new blogging, and i've set a web there; adorearts.info. but really, i can't manage more than one without having to neglect the other one.

anyway, enough reminiscene. ikuta toma menunggu di dunia mimpi. btw, i've been dreaming about a lot of boys lately. none that i know though. curious?

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