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im sorry

By  *tresdivine*     5:10 PM     
but i gotta do this!

the most adorable japanese actor. oh my friggin cow. i have to swallow my pride and be honest. i am in asian drama trance. no matter how hard i tried not to watch these kinds of asian rom-com, i've been sucked into this dark hole of major asian cuteness. i dont think i'll be able to go back to the usual olive skinned, brunette, facial hair with built features caucasian guys with brittish accent. i am loving this guy - Ikuta Toma! watch him @ the japanese version of Han Kimi. Actually, the title is much longer than this, but that's all i could remember.

KYAAAAA, kawaiiiiiiiiii *pardon me* TSUKI!!! ^___^ (omg, since when did i start these kinds of emoticons? last time i used it was at junior high. and the last time i used japanese was at grade 11 when i took jp lessons for manga watching reasons)

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