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By  *tresdivine*     3:32 PM     

you dont know me by tresdivine

it is the first day of my break (as of, now; 12.35am) and i already felt like i've had enough of it. i spend the last half day of school watching movies. like, im back to that time of my 8 months break after high school. no goals, just living the ordinary.
so, i decided to make this holiday the best out of it. here's my list:

1. once my guitar is shipped, i will start playing them - praising the lord.
2. i will call Ci Fani and ask to join the music team
3. i will explore seattle as of Monday. i will make a list of places to see. sadly, im gonna see them by myself. because everybody else are having their little break - and im afraid to get someone along with me. im such a loser, i know.
4. i will search for more scholarships.
5. i will stop making more things to do - because i know i wont be able to do them all.
6. OH, i will start making short stories. i will not start another novel. because i wont finish them no matter how many times i tried.
7. i will stop cursing.

all my love,

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