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last day of school?

By  johanna wattimena     11:37 AM     
ALMOST!!!! tomorrow will be the last day and it'll be the bomb!
i got a christmas present from nancy taing! she's so sweet. she gave me this cup filled with hersey's nipples (ooohhh, i know riighhhttt...! *wink*) and swiss miss hot chocolate mix (i've got plenty now!). what's so cool is that i really need to get myself a cup for tea or hot cocoa. i can't use my host's cup everytime. or else i'll feel bad. so this is a blessing, and nancy got the really cute cup for me! there are like red and yellow dots hanging by a thread. it's like those starbucks decor look - which i adore. so, i loooveeeee! here's a few photos to come with it.the book i spend working with till 6.30 in the morning, and it's done now. i presented it today. that's the sketchbook from which all the contents of the book came from.
and those are my class mates (the girls only. apperently, all the guys were out for the day. hmmm... coicidence?).
johanna, rachelle, nancy, grey, amanda, and abby. oh, susan took a photo of the whole class today. i'll have to wait for her e-mail. and, i have a photo of tate. i was taking a photo of the conservatory we went to. but he showed up and get the shot. it was my last shot too. and the photo was too scandalous so i had to keep it. lol. but isn't a building (behind him) a beauty? it was so warm in there, compared to the rainy seattle outside. eventually some car honked me and tate was like "get the f out of the way" and the driver was laughing. i was like "sorry, sorry". then i revenged on tate, taking him to some random indian restaurant up in broadway. he liked it. gah, plan failed. lol. kidding tate. im too nice of a person to did such a thing to a poor boy like you. you don't have to kill yourself.

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